‘I’ve redrafted, re-edited and completed my script, the feedback was such a big help. Thanks.’ Ryan Daly, writer Script Surgery course

‘Julie’s feedback on the writing was really great. She helped me understand what creates the drama in a story, and how to bring those parts of the story to life, both as a script and in the moment on stage. She was particularly helpful in understanding how to really connect with an audience with simplicity and intensity, Our rehearsals were really productive. I developed a strong sense of how to use the space, how to draw in the audience, the physicality of my characters, the varied ways of using my voice, gestures to help the audience visualise my descriptions, and so forth. Julie worked around my disabilities really adaptively as well. She gave encouragement, prompts, space and time where I needed it, and helped me come up with ways I could use my abilities to best effect both on stage and during the creative process.’ Rashida Tingle, writer Wigan Arts Festival

‘Thanks once again for your detailed feedback – it’s given me lots of food for thought and really got me focussed.’ ‘Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback. You have certainly spent some time looking at and revising this and I am grateful for your input andĀ supportive comments.’ ‘Thanks again for the detailed and constructive advice. Thanks to you we finally got there.’ Billanory Mass Observation Writers

‘You’ve done an amazing job – never expected so much detail. Wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Without exception the writers were fired up by your advice. It was a terrific experience for us all.’ Manchester Irish Writers