Julie’s feedback was particularly insightful, her rigorous questioning focused upon drawing out and challenging the learners. Excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the abilities of each learner ensured that all learners were reaching their full potential. Consistently high expectations of attitudes to learning and rigorous focus upon challenging individual learners led to notable learning gains. Incisive feedback both verbal and written ensuring learners know how to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills.’ Michelle Silcock, lesson observation 

‘Genuinely beyond expectation. Very constructive feedback which highlighted how little I knew and now how much I have learnt.’ ‘A productive and illuminating course with a very conscientious teacher.’ ‘It’s been fantastic. I have learned a lot of useful things about scriptwriting and its technicalities. Julie has been a brilliant teacher.’ Lowton C of E High School, Script Surgery, 9 week scriptwriting course

‘Thank-you for introducing variety, and thoughtful comments. I was glad to expand my knowledge of both nature and creative writing.’ ‘Found the course an unexpected enjoyment. Your enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring.’ ‘Thank-you for your helpful comments and your guidance.’ Expect the Unexpected project @ The Atkinson

‘Thank you Julie, two great creative days! Love our artwork.’ ‘Thanks Julie for being so polite and friendly. You have a very creative mind. Good problem solver and very patient.’
Dramatic Action, Hate Crime 2017 project 

‘Plenty of inspiration for writing. Local area information triggered good ideas.’ ‘Thanks for your patience with those of us lacking imagination!’ Horwich’s Phoenix Writers, Creative Writing workshop

‘An excellent course – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the warm, thoughtful, inspiring space provided – thank-you!’ ‘An inspiring set of workshops. Sparking ideas that will take my writing along new channels.’ Live From Worktown, Creative Writing workshops on the theme of Winter at Farnworth Library

‘Really enjoyed. Made me think both horizontally and vertically to character build.’ ‘Very thought provoking.’ ‘A real fun session. Thanks.’ Horwich Creative Writing Group, Creative Writing workshops

‘The very best creative writing course I have ever attended and I learnt a lot.’ ‘Thanks for the really helpful feedback and the confidence you have given me.’ ‘An excellent experience, good company, good feedback, good fun!’ Lowton C of E High School, Creative Writing (Making Words Work)

‘Very interesting and informative couple of hours. Thanks Julie for an enjoyable morning. A leisurely stroll down Memory Lane!’ ‘Hindley Speaks’ Local History workshop

‘A really interesting and stimulating session that gave great food for thought and ideas to work with. Loved it all!’ ‘It’s important to feel challenged and I felt that this course was suitable – pushing me into places I wouldn’t normally go.’ Live From Worktown, Creative Writing workshops on the theme of Bolton at Waterstones

‘Brilliant teacher. Superb ideas. My imaginative writing has improved significantly after only 3 sessions.’ ‘Very enjoyable & informative. You actually made me think.’ ‘Stimulating & enlightening. This has been very inspirational.’ Live From Worktown, Creative Writing workshops at Westhoughton Library

‘This course has been a great motivation with excellent feedback and suggestions for revision and extension.  Above all, having a weekly deadline has been the best discipline to make me just ‘get on and do it!’ Lowton C.E. High School/Healthy Arts Writing the War creative writing workshops

‘Thank you for the workshop on Saturday- we had some really positive feedback again and you opened up a few minds – from existing writers groups!’ Jo Ward, Arts and Cultural Events Manager, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

‘For the first time in 45 years, with the help of my tutor Julie, I have discovered the pleasure of playing with words.’ Tyldesley Writers

‘We have valued her professionalism as well as her friendly, sensitive approach. She has always come well prepared and been attentive to the various needs of our members. Her gentle guidance, encouragement and genuine enthusiasm for her subject have brought out the best in all of us.’ Pemberton Pens

‘This was extremely interesting and good fun. It helped me to understand myself a little better too.’ Ignite Your Life Mental Health event

‘You are an excellent tutor who makes us think outside the box. Really enjoyed your sessions – so well prepared and interesting. Your classes are the highlight of my week.’ Years Ahead Writing Group

‘Great and good ideas to improve our work.’ Sunshine House Writers Group

‘Lovely atmosphere created in the sessions – very positive response. Lots of different ideas for alteration and development both in comments on work and feedback in class. Lovely range of topics to inspire our work. Really enjoyed this course. It was so organised and interesting and stimulating. I feel I have made real progress.’ Lowton High School Creative Writing for Beginners course


‘I’ve redrafted, re-edited and completed my script, the feedback was such a big help. Thanks.’ Ryan Daly, writer Script Surgery course

‘Thanks once again for your detailed feedback – it’s given me lots of food for thought and really got me focussed.’ ‘Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback. You have certainly spent some time looking at and revising this and I am grateful for your input and supportive comments.’ ‘Thanks again for the detailed and constructive advice. Thanks to you we finally got there.’ Billanory Mass Observation Writers

‘You’ve done an amazing job – never expected so much detail. Wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Without exception the writers were fired up by your advice. It was a terrific experience for us all.’ Manchester Irish Writers


‘How To Be WomanLEIGH’

“A wonderful presentation, brilliantly research and very well acted/produced. It was a totally professional production. Can you do it again?” “Brought the events of 1909 to life.” “Fascinating from the start with great writing and acting abilities.” “Loved the different aspects especially the teacher who made me think about the other side of the argument.” “Really excellent – held your attention all throughout.”

‘And May Your God Go With You’

“The one-man play’s premise – a lonely undertaker’s sister’s death revealing some alarming truths about who he thought he was – is simultaneously troubling and hilarious. McKiernan has used the intriguing device of filmed monochrome segments of comedian Dave Allen – performed, convincingly, again by Boyle – interspersed with the live-action drama. Shot beautifully, the ‘Dave Allen’ segments offer the Irish comedian’s (fictional) take on death, grief, funerals and family, neatly underscoring the themes and action of the play. Ably directed by Martin Green, this has all the hallmarks of a show that deserves to go on longer and further.”

‘Women’s Work’

“A unique performance in a unique venue.” “Really gave a taste of time gone by and how women were treated.” “Lots of information given in a relatively short time in a very enjoyable way.” “Learning about that period for women in an enjoyable way – good pace, poignant section and lively songs.” Evaluation comments from audience members


‘A huge thank-you to you & your professional team & this thought provoking production (I’m pleased to say that I can’t think of of any negatives or constructive critisicsm). I found the play true to life & factual to the treatment of Patients/Service Users, based on my opinions from my own personal experiences that I’ve seen, witnessed, heard & experienced many times.’

5 Borough’s Involvement Scheme member

‘No Bravery Without Fear’

“Excellent performance which completely engaged the children.” “The production was a very effective way of helping the children understand both sides of the WW1 story.” “Brought British history to life.” Evaluation comments from teachers

‘The Story of the Park’

‘I’ve just got in and couldn’t wait to thank you all for making today the huge success that it has been. Everyone I have spoken to from the Mayor of Wigan down to the causal visitor has complimented us on today’s achievements and commented on the excellent organisation. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your interest, generosity, hard work and enthusiasm.’ David Sykes, Friends of Lilford Park

‘It was a privilege to be involved.  Our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities and our drama and dance students were proud to be involved in the presentations for their community celebrations.’ Venessa Shakespeare, Bedford High School

‘The Voice of RBUF’

“Thank you so much for all your involvement. I thought the script was really good and encapsulated many of the key issues we have in the borough currently. From the feedback I’ve received so far the drama went down very well and the discussion generated afterwards was excellent with lots of fresh ideas. I would also like to personally thank you for pitching in on the day and helping me with handing out and gathering the flipcharts, it was greatly appreciated and above and beyond the call of duty!” Mick Ayrton (Voice Programme Co-ordinator, RBUF)

‘The Domino Effect’

‘At last! Been waiting to do something like this for ages! Nearly started a drama group myself – but could not have done such a good script or have been as good at directing, acting or preparing/organising as you pros! Well worth the money & please come back!’

‘I enjoyed being able to develop something with an amazing set of people and being able to make it come alive as a group.’ Rochdale Borough Users Forum members

‘The interactive drama was particularly useful and effective – engaged more people.’

‘Domino effect and discussion – brilliant!’ Audience members


‘Edgeland’ by Julie McKiernan provides the most powerful piece of the evening, asking us to explore what the edge of our tolerance towards other people is. A real thought provoking piece of theatre superbly handled by the four strong cast.’

10 Tiny Plays – Action Transport, Ellesmere Port

‘The Carers Champion’

‘Newfound were exceptionally professional and adaptable – there were no preconceptions on their part and they listened to what we wanted; helping us to clarify the best way to get our message across, suggesting a variety of scenarios, and we then agreed the best way forward. The day itself was excellent – it was very effective and the impact was powerful; they managed to get complex messages across in a way that made a whole range of issues relevant to staff and other stakeholders. Our feedback was amongst the very best we’ve ever had for a training course.’ Dennis Dewar PALS Co-ordinator 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

‘The Origins of the Olympics’

‘Thank you for your script. A couple of us have read it and enjoyed it too. You are to be congratulated on a novel and imaginative approach and have beaten the competition well and truly. Thank you too for the courtesy of checking with us. Regards Peter Thompson (Secretary) Wenlock Olympian Society

‘Not As Far As India’

‘The performance of the play was greatly enjoyed by persons present, putting over relevant issues in a most humorous manner, and providing much food for thought. One of our reasons for putting the play on after lunch is that we know by experience that this helps to retain the audience!’ Wigan & Leigh Carers Helpline

‘Carers Returning To Work’

‘The play conveyed a lot of information in an accessible way that was also entertaining.’ Sheila Gallagher, Wigan Social Services

‘Stirring Things up’

‘We are writing to thank you and all members of your drama group for giving of your time to come along and perform the excellent play.The performance, as usual, was very well received by the audience and certainly raised some interesting issues, and the feedback we have had so far has been most positive. There can be little doubt that such performances have much greater impact on audiences than speakers and panels. It does seem that the play has now become an integral part of Carers Day.’ Wigan & Leigh Carers Helpline

‘Tramping Like Mad’

‘It’s a skilful combination of history and a play about a man whose life without his hero is a void only bringing up his daughter can fill.’ ‘stirring up emotions with some beautifully engaging, observant dialogue’ News & Star

‘It’s a very well written play’ The British Theatre Guide

‘Those who go to see Tramping Like Mad will have their memories revived and leave with a lump in their throat.’ The Keswick Reminder

‘The Streets of Leigh’ (CreativeLEIGH)

‘A truly brilliant piece of theatre, using the Leigh Sports Village as a living stage to backdrop these fine performances was inspired.’

‘Brilliant in its promenade conception, excellent in its execution.’

‘A superb collaboration of drama, heritage and sport!’

‘Flawless, absolutely brilliant! Excellent, interesting and different. Original, informative and enjoyable.’

‘What was so good was the way that you mixed the tragic scenes with the uplifting comical moments so the audience was kept rooted to their seats all the time.’