Last Workshop

Script Surgery – Developing Your Script (Improvers course) at Lowton High School October – December 2017

‘A productive and illuminating course with a very conscientious teacher.’

‘Genuinely beyond expectations. Very constructive feedback which highlighted how little I knew and how much I have learned.’

‘I’ve learnt a lot. Doing this course has been worth it, I’ve learned a lot of new techniques.’

Hindley Speaks Local History workshop at Chapter One Tearooms, Hindley Library 27.11.2017

‘Thank-you so much for a lovely interesting morning and learning the local history.’

‘Really enjoyable. Thank-you.’

‘A very enjoyable and informative morning, thank-you.’

Years Ahead creative writing workshops at Grangeway, Runcorn Autumn 2017

‘So enjoy your classes.’

‘Thank-you Julie for your wonderful lessons and understanding.’

‘Thanks so much for the inspiration.’

Music Hall Workshop with Sunshine Writers October 2017

‘First session – didn’t know what to expect, just wanted to sit and listen but got drawn into it – very enjoyable.’

‘Really enjoyed it. Learnt a lot.’

‘A really enjoyable session, making everyone think outside the box and some great pieces written.’

Melodrama Workshop with Sunshine Writers October 2017

‘A great spontaineous session based on melodrama. Really enjoyable.’

‘Excellent. Really enjoyed.’

‘Thank-you Julie, excellent.’

An Introduction to Scriptwriting, Lowton High School Summer 2017

‘Excellent course. Learned different styles. Excellent teacher.’

‘Well constructed and presented course. Very informative and useful. Thanks.’

‘Interesting course. Looked at many different styles, had lots of time to develop ideas and useful feedback to edit and improve.’

Years Ahead creative writing workshops at Grangeway, Runcorn Summer 2017

‘Thank-you so much for allowing my imagination to run amok!.’

‘Thank-you for your patience and imagination while coping with us ‘oldies’.’

‘Thank-you for the stimulation you provide. I need it!’

WW1 Workshops with Sunshine Writers May 2017

‘Enjoyed the class. Inspirational.’

‘Enjoyed the subject – food for thought.’

‘Thought provoking. Brilliant!’

Scriptwriting Workshop with Phoenix Writing Group March 2017

‘A very good session. Covered what should go into script and what can be left to actors which has been bothering me for a while.’

‘Interesting session – good to start with word play and build up to simple script.’

‘We like sessions where we have lots of input too and you certainly let us all contribute.’

Creative Writing workshop with Harwood Library Writing Group March 2017

‘Very enjoyable, something different, nice to work with other people. Great afternoon.’

‘Made my brain focus (quite unusual). Many thanks.’

Creative Writing workshop with Horwich’s Phoenix Writers January 2017

‘Wonderful session. Great ideas.’

‘Thanks for your patience with those of us lacking imagination!

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