Words can change lives

I’m a wordsmith. A writer for hire.
I create bespoke scripts, inspiring workshops and pretty prose.
I put words into peoples’ heads, hearts or even handbags.
So if you’re looking for a more direct and dynamic way to put your message across,
a creative way to bring a community together,
or a workshop leader who can get people talking and working creatively together
then email or give me a call.

‘The very best creative writing course I have ever attended and I learnt a lot.’

‘Without exception the writers were fired up by your advice. It was a terrific experience for us all.’

‘The play was greatly enjoyed by persons present, putting over relevant issues in a most humorous manner, and providing much food for thought.’

‘The play conveyed a lot of information in an accessible way that was also entertaining.’

‘There can be little doubt that such performances have much greater impact on audiences than speakers and panels.’

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